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The Beekeeper

A second career after retirement allows this Texas man to fulfill a long-held dream. (Director, Camera, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist)

Tax-Planning Life Cycle

This stop-motion video looks at tax planning, stylistically playing off of vintage education videos. (Director, Camera, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist)

Tax-Smart Charitable Giving

Short explainer video explaining how to plan charitable giving in the most tax efficient way. (Director, Camera, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist)

Stop and Stop-Limit Orders

Part of a larger video series introducing stock traders to various tools they need to get started. Worked with an outside animator on the graphics sections

(Camera, Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist)

Weapon of Choice

 “A symbol of power” Increasingly popularized by movies and video games, the AR-15 has become a weapon of choice in some of America’s bloodiest mass shootings. (Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist)

NRA's Trump Card

Deregulating silencers and undercutting state gun laws are just a few likely changes after the NRA supported President Trump to an unprecedented level. Now,  the NRA is looking to capitalize on their election investment. (Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist)

Tech's Doomsday Preppers

As Silicon Valley works toward an automated future, many fear that the resulting unemployment will cause the next economic collapse. (Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist)

The Execution Beat

Photojournalists are on the front lines of the murder beat in the Philippines, where killings are a daily occurrence and the streets run with blood since President Rodrigo Duterte declared a war on drugs. (Editor, Sound Mixer, Colorist)

El Talabartero

Guillermo Arriola came to America with dreams of earning money and returning to Mexico but his life took a turn that led him to follow in his father's footsteps. 

(Director, Camera, Editor)

Camera Reel

Samples of my camera work from the past few years.

Refugees Unwelcome

As refugees and asylum seekers continue to pour into Germany, supporters face off against a surging tide of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim protesters. (Editor)

Altered State

Colorado became the first U.S. state to start selling marijuana in January 2014. New pot entrepreneurs are cashing in on the green rush and catering to high-end consumers. But who's being left on the margins? (Editor)

Seduced by ISIS

Roughly 700 Germans have left home to join ISIS, though few as prominent as Denis Cuspert, the formerly Berlin-based rapper known as Deso Dogg. His former friend and record-label manager tells the story of Deso's rise and fall. (Editor)

Great AuPair

Following Rafael, a Brazilian au pair living in the U.S., as he cares for a young boy in Santa Rosa, CA. (Director, Camera, Editor)

Gooru Learning

This piece describes the promise of innovative teaching, and the reason why Gooru, an online search engine and resouce designed for students and teachers, continues to push forward. (Director, Camera, Editor)

Mystic Surfboards

Surfboard shaper John Moore gives insight into the process of creating custom shaped boards for his customers. (Director, Camera, Co-Editor)

Elliptic Labs

Elliptic Labs delivers touchless gesturing for multi-platform human interaction. This short video was created to provide a high-level overview of their technology for their website. (Director, Camera, Editor)

Barnett Newman at the CJM

Explore the meaning behind this sculpture as well as the challenge of moving it from SFMOMA to the Contemporary Jewish Museum. (Director, Camera, Editor)

Breakthrough Collaborative

Promotional video for San Francisco based national non-profit organization. (Camera, Editor)

The Life of a Language

A film about Native American language preservation efforts by a family living in Northern California. (Director, Camera, Editor)

Living Tiny

A new vision of home is explored in this look at three Californians who seek an alternative to traditional construction. (Co-Director, Co-Camera, Co-Editor)

Guerrilla Art

A folk artist reflects on his passion and his traumatic past. (Director, Camera, Editor)

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